A Few Writings by Peter Montalbano

Here's a beginning list . . . enjoy!

Running Away With The Circus --November, 1974
Allegory: A Defining Element of Baroque Music --October, 1982
I've Been Workin' On The Love Boat--January, 1985
Return of the Not-So-Native --April, 1985

The Mystery of the Little Black Footprints A children's story --1991

Thai Travelogue 2001 --from a letter to friends, 2002

Thai Travelogue 2004 --continuing Thai update, 2004

This page is going to be updated A LOT in the future . . . as you can see, there's a lot of early stuff on here now--put in largely to fill out detail for some of those historic times . . .

Please check back periodically for updates . . . that's IF you like what's here, natch.

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